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Product name : Flurry Ice Cream Spoons
Item : Spoons
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WECAN Flurry Ice Cream Mixing Spoons,R&D by Wecan Company,
Use high precision molds producing the spoons,fully new pp material specially for food.
production and packaging dust-free environment.
Provide for high grade ice cream chain Mainly.
Ice cream spoons.

We have recently found that there are counterfeit flurry ice cream spoons in the market.
With low quality materials, rough processing, random manufacturing and packaging, and at low prices to attract customers.
This poses a huge risk to the safety and reputation of users and consumers.
Please note that no Wecan company logo“A square is in the middle of a circle” are fake and shoddy products!
The following are the true and false picture of the side:

Wecan Spoons Package 200pcs/bag*5bags/ctn,each bag was sealed during produce.
Imitated one is 1000pcs/bag/ctn and not sealed.

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